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    Secrets of Successful Apple Harvesting

    Secrets of Successful Apple HarvestingOctober 21st is reserved for the celebration of World Apple Day. This day reminds us that an apple is a symbol of physical, cultural and genetic diversity. This day usually includes: various demonstrations, apple inspired games like apple bobbing, preparing juice and cider, gardening advice, tasting and the sale of many varieties of apples. Apple day celebration originated in the UK, but it is now celebrated worldwide. Since the celebration time depends on the time ... Read more

    Honor the Hard Work of Farmers across the World

    Honor the Hard Work of Farmers across the WorldFarmers play a vital role in providing the basics for all of our food needs as well as in changing the agricultural landscape. By managing farming practices, farmers also assure the sustainability of the whole flora and fauna.Agriculture currently occupies one-third of the Earth’s land surface. It is the central activity for much of the world’s population, providing the food for people throughout the world. Farmers are the so-called ... Read more

    On-time Pest Protection

    On-time Pest ProtectionFarming can be a beautiful job under an open sky. But sometimes that ''open sky'' determines the flow of farming, total yield, and productivity according to the weather (rain, drought, hail, frost). Since the weather is a major factor in farming, farmers need to manage certain practices to protect their crops from bad weather conditions as well as from various insects and diseases caused by the weather.As they struggle to remain profitable in a highly ... Read more

    The Climate is Changing. Food and Agriculture Must Change Too.

    The Climate is Changing. Food and Agriculture Must Change Too.On October 16th, we celebrate World Food Day. It is a day of action against hunger, which is one of the biggest global challenges. Since we expect that global population will reach 9.6 billion by 2050, we need to act now. Our global goal is to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. This is because, food is the basic human need and without addressing climate change, we cannot produce sufficient quantities ... Read more

    Finance Management with Agrivi Software

    Finance Management with Agrivi SoftwareAgrivi is an online farm management software which provides farmers with the ability to track their entire production process from a single central place, simplifies work organization, minimizes the need of going through tiresome paperwork, helps to manage farmer's finances and increases productivity and overall profitability.Finances, as one of the most important features for our users, manages all farmer’s expenses, sales, loans, assets, and transactions. With only one click, they can see and analyze ... Read more

    Non-chemical Pre-plant Soil Disinfestation

    Non-chemical Pre-plant Soil DisinfestationThe battle with pests, diseases and weeds is an everyday problem for every farmer. Due to the fact that 40% of the world's food production is lost due to pests and diseases, farmers need to manage crop protection. An excellent example of the need for pesticides is cotton. It is a crop that is affected by various pests. Cotton farming accounts for more than 25% of all insecticides and 12% of all pesticides used ... Read more

    Vermicompost’s Role in Farming

    Vermicompost's Role in FarmingOne of the main goals of every organic farmer is to build long-term soil fertility and tilth by feeding the soil with a variety of natural amendments. The regular addition of compost is one of the best ways to enhance the soil's organic and humic content, which helps to build a fertile soil structure. This soil structure makes better use of water and nutrients. It is easier to till and, overall, is better able to ... Read more

    Manage Your Farm Inventory with Agrivi Software

    Manage Your Farm Inventory with Agrivi SoftwareEvery farmer, whether on a small family farm or with large farm production, has an inventory of all his farm materials; crop seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, fuel, harvested crops and other farm items. Whatever the size of his production, he uses those materials on fields and thus has the necessity to keep records of their inventory level.In farm management, inventory plays a key role. It's important for farmers to know at any ... Read more

    Farm Practices to Preserve Fruit Quality After Harvesting

    Farm Practices to Preserve Fruit Quality After HarvestingThe success of a farmer's effort in crop production depends largely on the final phase of production, which is often followed by post-harvest losses that can reach up to 50%. Reducing this waste could improve global food production, and increase overall farmer's profit.Activities that are carried out just before harvesting may have a major influence on final production. Post-harvest management is a process that starts from the activities that take ... Read more

    High Technology that Revolutionized Farming

    High Technology that Revolutionized FarmingHow are we going to feed the growing population by 2050? How we are going to double our food supply and how will the farming be sustainable? All the answers involve farm technology.Farm technology creates the ability to grow plants that are disease resistant, to use the equipment that can target individual crops and strengthen the rice that can survive drought and flooding and literally save lives. Farming may be one of the oldest ... Read more
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