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    Taking care of our customers is our number one priority. Read more about farmers from all over the world that are managing their farms successfully with the support of Agrivi farm management solutions.
    Ponderovey | Arizona, USARow crops
    Brett Rovey
    I found Agrivi while searching online for a farm management program. I sent a message acquiring information about the software and within minutes I had a response followed by a Skype demo. I tested the software over the next few days and decided to buy a subscription.
    Linearport | PortugalFruits & Vegetables
    Paolo Andrade
    All of our field activities are tracked with Agrivi. In a way Agrivi gave us the structure we need to record field activities. On top of this, we use the reporting capabilities of Agrivi, the dashboard provides quick and simple information and we can also export all of the data for further analyses.
    CV Restu Sejati | IndonesiaTobacco
    Taufan Suharsono
    With the ability to gather and store substantial information from every phase of the production, we can easily trace who is the grower, where & when was the crop planted, what crop input & active substances were used, when it was harvested, how much cash did the grower earn, what practices were used to produce the products.
    Terra Optima | SerbiaApples
    Milos Jokic
    Agrivi gives us the ability of quickly and easily creating a weekly, monthly or yearly report about work on our plantation, finances, income projections, as well as the ability to quickly exchange production reports with our company’s managing directors.
    Winery Nuic | B&HWinery
    Josip Nuic
    We believe that the larger the production is, the more important production tracking becomes. Tracking all of the work in a vineyard, as well as expenses and income per variety gives us real-time data which helps us immensely to see where we are, and what we might do to achieve a better production result.