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agrivi leafs Winery collapse

Special Agrivi platform add-on for wine grape growers and wine cellar management
  • Vineyard activity planning and execution monitoring
  • Monitor wine cellar inventory per bins and barrels
  • Keep records of measurements, additives and other activities per bin and barrel
  • Understand production costs per variety, field and bottle
  • Traceability from field to bottle allows you to identify issue origins based on bad bottle series
  • Get vineyard and wine cellar reports with a single click

agrivi leafs Satellite imagery collapse

Special Agrivi add-on that unlocks processed satellite imagery of your fields. Gain insight into anomalies invisible to the naked eye and learn more about your fields than you thought was possible - completely remotely
  • Processed satellite imagery with NDVI and vitality indexes of your fields
  • Spot anomalies from the sky and prevent disease outbreaks by identifying stress points and acting accordingly
  • Compare biomass indexes on several fields to see how the same crop is performing on different locations
  • Plan your harvest based on biomass indexes to get the highest yields possible
  • Utilizing Landsat and Sentinel 2 imagery with up to 1 image per week frequency (more frequent imagery available by request)

agrivi leafs Traceability report collapse

Customized Agrivi Traceability Report for farmers to showcase production and quality of produce
  • Control your farming data in a few clicks which will be displayed to the customers
  • Generate a QR code label that leads to your crop production
  • Unlock the food transparency and show the quality of your produce on the palm of a hand
  • Showcase information about crop season: production efforts, fertilizer nutrients, active substances, crop nutrient value, field locations and photos
  • Empower customers with transparent information about effort put in the production season

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