LinearCampo | Portugal

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Paulo Andrade owns a family farm in Portugal, north of Lisbon. The production on his land started expanding in 2014, when a new company called LinearCampo was founded, derived from a long lasting passion for agriculture that was always present in the Andrade family.

The farm's surrounding area is highly suitable for fruit production, Pera Rocha in particular, a special variety of pears. The farm covers 15 hectares in total and the majority of the production is exported. Paulo's fruit is present in several supermarkets across Europe. Besides fruit production, the farm also produces sweet potatoes, pumpkins and certain types of cabbage for the local market.

„It [Pera Rocha] has a crusty texture, a sweet aroma, and a very refreshing taste!“ ~ Paulo Andrade
First step, without a doubt, is choosing a company that can provide a quality, cloud based solution. Every farmer is in constant motion, which is something that must not be ignored when choosing a farm management system either.
“The main challenge was to have an easy way to register the data from any location. We are always on the move, and need to ensure that all of the data is accessible. We also have the need to ensure that our data is safe, and that we could extract useful information for decision making.” ~ Paulo Andrade
Old fashioned solutions, although powerful, have many shortcomings, like very limited access to data, questionable access to regular updates of the product, and less effective customer support. Cloud based farm management systems are easy to start using, provide access to innovative technologies that are constantly perfected, and enable you to share your data in seamless fashion.
„The traditional, 'non-cloud' solutions, require high initial investments in licenses and hardware. Plus, the running costs are similar or higher compared to cloud solutions. At the same time, you can rely on an entire team ensuring that your data is safe, accessible and that you always run the latest software available.“ ~ Paulo Andrade
Furthermore, running a family business, you will be used to respect and fair treatment within your company. This means you will appreciate that trend to continue through relationships with other companies in your network. When choosing a farm management software, you will want that company to treat you as family as well. This means regular and open communication, quick responses to your questions and a friendly attitude every time!
„Since the beginning, the customer support was flawless. Agrivi has a very open relationship with their customers, quickly answering any questions and providing the necessary support. You can basically talk with anyone in the company.“ ~ Paulo Andrade
Everything is a matter of value, so when choosing any product that will require investments in both time and money, you better make sure that you make the right choice right from the start. Do research, explore other options, and commit to one product that will provide the value you expect, and treatment you deserve.
“We searched for a few months the ideal solution for our company. After trying a few tools, we found an article about Agrivi. We now have a structured way of collecting data, and very powerful reporting.” ~ Paulo Andrade
Having a clear structure of field activites, costs, investments and farming inputs is the way towards more efficient farming. Clear understanding of everything that is happening on your farm is a must if you're to ensure the future of your business. Getting value is what you should ultimately be focused on, and that value is portrayed through multiple factors, from ease of usage to quality of information you get from the product you're investing in. Your farm management system should allow you to have a clear insight into productivity of each crop, each asset and every activity performed on your fields. Once you have that, and are comfortable with using the product, you can say that you are getting the full value out of your investment.
“All of our field activities are tracked with Agrivi. In a way Agrivi gave us the structure we need to record field activities. On top of this, we use the reporting capabilities of Agrivi, the dashboard provides quick and simple information and we can also export all of the data to excel for further analyses.” ~ Paulo Andrade