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    Farm management

    Farm management
    Get insight into all farm details, organize tasks that need to be done guided by expert-made process templates for more than 100 cultures. Put your farms under control.


    Manage fields on farm
    Be sure your fields are optimally utilized. Field utilization overview lets you understand utilization level of every field and helps you increase efficiency.


    Farm inventory
    Track inventory, prevent waste, facilitate reordering and prevent stockouts that disrupt your operations. Use low inventory alarms for just-in-time ordering.


    Farm finances
    Know your numbers. Keep track of sales, expenses and investments and analyze profitability of your farms.


    Workers on farm
    Find all data about your full and part-time employees at one place. Create tasks, assign them to employees and monitor the progress.


    Farming mechanization
    Keep records of all your mechanization, make reservation plans and schedule regular maintenance. Track fuel usage per mechanization.


    Farmign calendar
    Have a clear insight into your personal tasks, company tasks and reservations. Create reminders for meetings, contract renewals or anything else you might forget.


    Farm documents storage
    Access all your documents from one central place and never lose a document again. Administration docs, contracts, warranties, invoices, images. Anything you need to keep.


    Farm discussions
    Make notes, exchange comments with colleagues and make information flow clear and simple.


    Farming reports
    Analyze activities and progress with more than 20 different reports. Prepare report data for legislative reports with a single click.


    Farming dashboards
    Dashboards give you fast visual overview on how your business is going with a wide range of key performance indicators. Start analyzing now.

    Weather forecast

    Most accurate weather forecast for your fields and farms
    Check the current weather on all farms and fields, see the forecast and plan your tasks according to weather conditions.

    Pest knowledge base

    Crop pest & diseases database
    Know all about pests and diseases that can decrease your productivity and learn how to treat your crops against them.

    Pest & disease alarms

    Crop pest & diseases warning
    Get alerts about pest & disease threat on your fields. Prepare spraying timely and increase quantity and quality of your yield.

    Enterprise farm management solution
    Agrivi Enterprise
    Looking for a more custom approach, integrations to your existing systems or private cloud option? Get Agrivi Enterprise – farm management software tailor made by your needs.