Victor dos Santos | South Africa

Victor dos Santos

Victor dos Santos was born in Mozambique and raised in South Africa. His story with being involved with agriculture started when he finished Articles of Clerkship with Ernst & Winey and then started working as the company secretary of a multi-crop farming enterprise back in 1980. During that time, there were no available farm management solutions on the market. The company has since purchased their own microcomputer to automate tasks like administration and finance. As the company grew, automatization was needed more and more. Because of this Mr. Santos started working on and assisting in creating applications to atomize various processes. Because the company employs 1200 people, and double that amount during picking season, very much needed was an application to assist in the processing of wages and salaries. Other applications he has helped create have been intended to help management, accounting, farming cost, and planning. Additionally, Mr. Santos helped create a sales and market agent control to inform logistics function about the prices and sold volumes in different markets. Along with farming, other roles he has been a part of include: supply chain management, consultant, and educator.

Automated data collection systems are needed in agriculture.

Agriculture, like all aspects of the modern economy, requires one to be able to forecast and measure actual performance and to compare expected results with actual results. To do this effectively without enabling technology is near impossible. – Victor dos Santos

Starting his own farm was a decision which required extra preparation and researching. There was no doubt for Mr. Santos that he needed a farm management software that would enable him to control the operation by numbers. Mr. Santos and other workers on the farm understand how, during the next two to three years, they will be required to invest into automation in order to control irrigation, mechanization, and crop processing.

Each crop production has its own needs. This is why Mr. Santos was searching for software that understood the needs of tree crop production. Mr. Santos knew exactly what he needed: facilitation of a unit of production in the geographical context of a farm, recognition of performed activities, and use of materials for performing activities. Understanding and analyzing the data is key today. Finding and utilizing the most appropriate tools, which can assist in the most effective manner in order to collect relevant information, is very much needed in today’s farming operation.

I researched various systems available using the internet and Agrivi was the one system that offered me the most functionality. Agrivi did not require me to own or manage an IT infrastructure. Functionally, it appeared to offer most of the functionality required. – Victor dos Santos

Victor dos Santos found the solution he needed in Agrivi. He found the system very intuitive, so he didn’t require or use much in terms of Agrivi Team support. However, when he did he was very satisfied. He realized he needed to upgrade his membership and started using Agrivi Wine Management System so that he now can support the product processing part of his business. The Agrivi team is happy to see how our customers like Mr. Santos are finding a reliable partner in our farm management software.