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    Profitable farming with effective workers

    Workers are the most important part of any farm’s production. Whether they work on small family farms or get hired by big corporate farming operations, workers are those who perform all activities which make farms profitable.

    The greatest need for additional workers is usually at the time of harvest. Due to increased workload, farmers employ seasonal workers, aiming to do more work in less time. The usual problem here is that not all workers are equally effective. So, how to know which workers are more effective and which you will hire again the next year?

    In Agrivi farm management system you can track worker’s efficiency easily. For each worker you can track the number of hours he worked, on which day and on which farm. When a certain activity or a season has been finished, you can analyze worker’s efficiency per farm in Agrivi dashboards; George has worked 449 hours, mostly on plantation Apple 1.

    Work analisys

    In Agrivi reports you can check how many hours some worker worked per each activity. On the picture below you can see worker’s efficiency per activity.

    Work efficiency

    We also have a new feature in Agrivi – work and mechanization cost. You can set cost per hour for all your workers and mechanization. Costs can be be linked to all task categories; fertilizing, sowing, protection, pruning, harvesting, etc.

    Work and mechanization cost

    Once you define cost per hour for workers and mechanization, this cost will automatically be included in the calculation. This cost can also be changed in the tasks themselves.

    Work cost

    In Agrivi reports you can see a review of all costs per task and see in detail how much you spent on workers and mechanization during some task.

    Workers report

    Are you ready to track your worker’s efficiency and secure your profit? Start using Agrivi now!