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NDVI Overview

NDVI helps farmers look for anomalies in their fields that would otherwise be impossible to spot with the naked eye. Used primarily in row crop production due to high density of biomass, NDVI helps with identifying changes in biomass growth across the farmers' fields.


Advantages of NDVI

Using Landsat and Sentinel 2 processed satellite imagery, Agrivi can offer up to 1 processed image per week for all of the fields, with spatial resolution of up to 10x10 meters. This resolution is more than suitable for noticing differences in biomass changes for larger fields, helping farmers easily identify if something bad is happening to their crops on different parts of their land.


Timeline of processed imagery

To unlock the highest possible yield potential of the land, remote sensing can be used in order to identify key areas where biomass is clearly lower, allowing for an in depth analysis as to the causes of such problems. This can be poor nutrition, a disease spreading, or damage caused by flooding and even wild game. This can reduce scouting cost and save precious time required to spot the threats by having timely information about the actual locations that need to be checked out on each of the fields.

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