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    Check out winners of Agrivi Birthday Giveaway

    We’re celebrating our 1st birthday and having birthday giveaway – from 27th till 1st of September we are rewarding each day 3 farmers who sign up to Agrivi with 1-year subscription for Agrivi and all signed up farmers will be rewarded with 30% discount whenever they decide to upgrade from free version! 🙂

    Winners of 1-year subscription are:

    • Wednesday 27th 
      • Aleksandra Delovska (Macedonia)
      • Amer Ostrakovic (BiH)
      • Ivan Borovic (Croatia)
    • Thursday 28th
      • Hrvoje Laslo (Croatia)
      • Mahmoud Ahmed (Egypt)
      • Radovan Trifkovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    • Friday 29th 
      • Karolina Zubak (Croatia)
      • Mario Paunovic (Croatia)
      • Jorgen Kjenstad (Norway)
    • Saturday 30th
      • Imre Varnju (Serbia)
      • Nemanja Lukic (Serbia)
      • Neven Benazic (Croatia)
    • Sunday 31th
      • Aleksandra Vukoja (Croatia)
      • Frank Chu (Canada)
      • Mladen Matic (Serbia)

    Congratulations to all farmers that have won the 1-year subscription and as promised, all farmers that have signed up have ensured 30% discount whenever they decide to upgrade.

    Farming is cool, ain’t it? 😉