Cooperative Management

farm managment

Central Management of All Cooperatives

Manage all farms in a cooperative in one single place. Simplify produce planning with an aggregated overview of planned quantities per farmer and real-time monitoring of plan execution. Integrated communication lets you deliver all important information to desired farmers in a cooperative directly through the Agrivi platform.

farm managment

Increasing Productivity with Best-Practice Knowledge

Agrivi helps you identify key productivity drivers of top performing farmers and easily implement it to the best-practices knowledge base. Bring the latest knowledge to all farmers and raise the productivity level of your cooperative. Ensure standards enforcement to get the best produce quality.

farm managment

Reduce Risk & Ensure Planned Yield

Automated detection algorithms ensure that every farmer gets alerted timely if there is a risk of an insect pest or disease occurrence on his fields. On average, insect pests and diseases can reduce yield by 20-40% due to late crop protection. Help all farmers in your cooperative make on-time crop protection through automated insect pest and disease risk detection.

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