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Josip Nuić

Nuić Winery

Nuić Winery is a professional wine grape growing and winemaking company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company started as a hobby business in 2004 and has rapidly expanded in just a couple of years. The vineyards are currently covering 35 hectares of fields and a number of international as well as indigenous varieties are being grown for winemaking. Majority of the production is exported to several European countries, however, some of the wines make it as far as Japan and New Zealand. Nuić Winery is excited about their future, as the demand for their product is growing at an optimistic pace.

„With all the information available today, and production methods for producing wines of highest quality being easily accessible, wine consumption is steadily increasing day by day.“ ~ Nuić Winery
Nuić winery relies heavily on the efficiency of production processes and invests a lot of time and effort in improving their management practices. This is becoming increasingly important as the company is growing.
“We believe that the larger the production is, the more important production tracking becomes. Tracking all of the work in a vineyard, as well as expenses and income per variety gives us real-time data which helps us immensely to see where we are, and what we might do to achieve a better production result.” ~ Nuić Winery
Besides managing the work as efficiently as possible, keeping track of the weather, as well as diseases caused by the weather is extremely important. Since wine grape is so sensitive to disease it is important to plan efficiently, work efficiently, but also keep track of the weather, pests and diseases which can completely destroy the entire yield. Any mechanism that can work towards improving the business efficiency from the management side, but also provide support in terms of alarming in case of pest occurrence or adverse weather conditions will work towards improving the overall profitability and productivity of the company. As with any business, winemaking needs to be cost effective. Due to that necessity, it's important to have a clear insight into production costs, easy access to that data and an easy way of collecting and storing it.
„Production expansion as well as widening our wine portfolio has sparked a necessity for data tracking and detailed statistical analysis. We have tried several product before but none have really lived up to our expectations. Agrivi is a completely different story. We are very happy to be able to get all of the necessary reports quickly and efficiently.“ ~ Nuić Winery
Winemaking business is something that is constantly evolving. Solutions are being offered hand over fist not just in the segment of farm management software, but also in terms of production practices, hardware, automated pest control, vinification improvements, etc. Nuić winery wants to be on the edge of those advancements, and is investing in quality solutions in every segment of their business that will push them forward. This relates not only to the profitability of the company but more importantly, the quality of their product and satisfaction of their customers.
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