Wine Management

farm managment

Track All Vineyard Activities

Agrivi farm management lets you plan, monitor and analyze all activities in your vineyard. Pruning, crop protection, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and all other activities are managed with a few clicks. Plus, you can track input usage quantities, costs and work hours for every activity.

farm managment

Reduce the Risk of Insect Pests & Diseases

Advanced detection algorithms monitor weather conditions on every field and alarm farmers if there is a risk of insect pest or disease on their fields. Late crop protection claims 20-40% of yields worldwide every year. Apply on-time protection with the help of advanced insect pest and disease risk detection.

farm managment

Growing Analytics & Reports

Identify why grapes grow better on some fields, find out the exact cost per kg/lb for every variety per field and identify ROI for every vineyard. Built-in reports let you get all important data in PDF, Excel or Word formats. Whether you want to print weekly tasks for every person, prepare legislative reports or just analyze your performance, get all reports with a single click.

farm managment

Managing Wine Cellar Activities

Our specialized Wine Management module gives winemakers control over all activities in the wine cellar. It comes as a standalone module or in a bundle with Agrivi Farm Management system to manage vineyard and wine cellar activities all at once. Plan your wine production batches and start tracking all activities - crushing, extraction, adding additives, fermentation, decanting and other wine cellar activities.

farm managment

Measuring All Important Factors

Keep track of every measuring you do - sugar, sulfur, pH, acid, temperature or any other factor in your production. Analyze all measurements per every barrel and keep complete control over the entire winemaking process.

farm managment

Wine Production Traceability & Costs

Get traceability reports for every bottle in your wine cellar with a single click. Understand unit cost per bottle and identify not just key cost drivers, but key quality drivers as well. Whether you have quality certificates or not, Agrivi lets you monitor all important aspects of your production and prepare required reports easily.

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