RuralPlan | Brazil

Daiana Coimbra


RuralPlan is an Ag consultant company in the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil, which is operated by young and experienced agronomists Daiana Coimbra and her husband. As Ag consultants, they are working with 10 farmers who are growing 4.300 hectares of soybean as the first crop. The second crop within the year is corn, which is cultivated on 30% of that land, while the other 70% is planted with grass to feed the livestock. RuralPlan is dedicated to bringing knowledge to other farmers so they can improve their own businesses, as well as provide them support in the areas of technical knowledge and financial management.

RuralPlan is a company that works side by side with farmers. Because of this, the company understands how new technologies are the only way farmers can face challenges and stay in the business today and in the future. With the right tech tools, it is possible to work smart.

Technology can help farmers grow more while using less. Data can serve as money-saving advice and the effect could be crucial for farmers’ success. We have plenty of examples, including the fact that farmers can save money and preserve the water quality when they use precision agriculture that indicates to them the exact quantity of fertilizer that needs to be spread. Technology such as pest alarms can help farmers scout the pests, allowing for the spraying of pesticides only when necessary. - RuralPlan

At RuralPlan they are very excited about software that allows farmers to easily use the huge amount of data that is generated and assist in proper analysis. The goal of technology in agriculture is to increase crop yields. Because collecting, recording and analyzing all of the data from their clients was taking so much time, investing in farm management software was just a matter of time for RuralPlan. Pen and paper, as well as spreadsheets, were too hard to manage, so Agrivi was determined to be an indispensable tool for farmers and their businesses. We live in a data-driven world. It is also a must in agriculture and the importance of data is well understood by RuralPlan.

Our experience proves that the amount of information that one single farm in one single season generates is too much and can take the farmer, manager, and agronomist away from the field where they really need to be. Using a tool that helps farmers record and analyze all of their data more easily and quickly allows for more time for day to day field activities, as well as to focus on the big decisions that they face, such as the best times to sell the production and spray for pests and diseases. – RuralPlan

Being affordable, user-friendly, complete, and accessible from anywhere were the key requirements of a farm management software that were required by the RuralPlan company and its clients. They needed it to be understandable and easy to use for not only the experienced Ag consultant but also for farmers who have different tech education and backgrounds. Being able to use the Agrivi software free trial and explore all of the features and availability was beneficial.

Agrivi met our expectations like other systems did. However, as with other systems, Agrivi couldn't meet 100% of our particularities. The system needed some adjustments to satisfy our needs. The Agrivi team did that for us and more, they mastered it. – RuralPlan

The Agrivi team was there to help and assist with any doubts or questions. RuralPlan, as an Ag consultant company, had extra needs, but the team met them all and provided us with the security that all future needs would be adjusted and accommodated.

We believe that Agrivi has the best customer support in the world. They are friendly and efficient and really take care of their customers’ needs and try hard to tend to them. - RuralPlan

Agrivi is available in web and mobile version. At the moment RuralPlan is using the web version. Farmers who are clients of RuralPlan send their information to the company’s office – either in person, via WhatsApp, by phone, or via e-mail. Then, in the same manner, information is sent back to the clients. Because this is their first season using Agrivi, RuralPlan is trying various options to determine which is best for them.

RuralPlan is an efficient Ag consultant company which is constantly improving their business and seeking new ways to help farmers. That is why they started investing in farm management software and found Agrivi. 

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