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    The food production is one of major global problems and although there is a lot of effort present to fix that problem, the progress is too slow. There is a huge lack of knowledge within producers all around the world in how to make their production effective and sustainable. The consequences of that are shocking numbers about hunger, production efficiency and natural resources exploit.

    We believe that knowledge must be available to all agriculture producers and with help of intelligent but affordable technology, they can make significant change and improve their production. Driven by our beliefs, we are creating an intelligent and knowledge-based farm management software that helps agriculture producers to:

    Optimize their production by enforcing agriculture best practices
    Reduce risk of lower yield through automated pest detection and timely prevention
    Increase profit by increasing yield quantity and improving quality

    Our vision is to change the way food is produced and make a positive impact on more than 1 billion lives.

    7.1 billion people live on the Earth
    842 million people are starving every day
    7 calories of input is needed for 1 calorie of food
    70% of extracted fresh water is used for agriculture
    50% of produced food is wasted
    Population will reach 10 billion till 2050.

    Matija Zulj
    Chief Executive Officer
    Darko Gebaei
    Development Lead
    Tanja Folnovic
    Customer Success Manager
    Tomislav Sulentic
    Software Developer
    Zoran Ivancevic
    Software Architect
    Anita Flajslik
    Marketing Executive
    Kresimir Simicic
    Sales Executive
    Mate Knezovic
    Partner Manager
    Matija Rukavina
    Strategic Business Advisor
    Muhamed Catic
    Strategic Int'l Agribusiness Advisor
    Mario Njavro, PhD
    Academic Agricultural Advisor
    Marin Mudronja
    Industry Agricultural Advisor
    We are changing the way food is produced.

    This project is funded by FRACTALS (Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications, FP7 project No. 632874), under the funding framework of the European Commission.

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