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Global Food Problem

Hunger, food security and unsustainable agriculture represent one of the biggest global problems. One in nine people in the world today (795 million) are undernourished. By 2050, in the next 33 years, global population will reach 9 billion people and global food production will need to increase by over 60% if we are to feed the entire population. With a one-year life cycle of crop production and limited natural resources, there are only 33 iterations till 2050 in which we need to improve the global production by over 60%. A huge lack of knowledge of farming best practices among farmers worldwide leads towards a non-profitable, inefficient and unsustainable agricultural production. Climate change is putting even more pressure on the resources we depend on, increasing risks associated with disasters such as droughts and floods, but also pests and diseases which take 30% of all yields worldwide every year. The consequences are even more frightening, inadequate farming techniques affect our soils, freshwater, ocean, forests and biodiversity which are being rapidly degraded. The global food and agriculture system needs to change in its core and our mission is to do it.

Agrivi Farmers

Our Story

The story of Agrivi begins when Matija Zulj, the founder of Agrivi, decided to leave the corporate ICT world and dedicate his time and effort into solving the global food problem. First, he decided to become a farmer to understand what it exactly means to grow food and he started his own blueberry farm. Very soon he himself experienced the real farmer’s world – he couldn’t access the best practice knowledge for growing blueberries and there was no simple to use, yet affordable software on the market that could help him in making data-driven decisions. At the time, in 2013, Matija founded Agrivi with a vision to change the way food is produced in its core and positively impact a billion lives by helping farmers reach sustainable, resource-efficient and profitable production. That was the moment when we as a company were born. We immediately started to gather an experienced team of agricultural experts and software engineers that have origins in farming families and are eager to disrupt the food industry. Driven by beliefs that knowledge and technology support must be available to all agriculture producers worldwide, we build knowledge-based software solutions that help all agriculture producers to: 

  • Optimize their production by enforcing agricultural best practices
  • Protect crops and yields timely through automated pest and disease detection for every field,
  • Live better by achieving sustainable and profitable agricultural production.

To accelerate the impact, we work with farmers of all scales in 150 countries, agricultural cooperatives, food processing companies, NGOs, governments and other stakeholders interested in improving agricultural production on a farmer’s level. Our company is supported by private angel investors and Southern Central Ventures who have recognized the company vision and wanted to participate in disrupting the way food is produced and making this world a better place to live.

Agrivi Farmers

Market Recognition & Awards

Agrivi farm management software is globally recognized as one of the top farm management solutions on the market backed up by a strong traction of thousands of farmers from over 150 countries that are improving their production with the help of Agrivi. The company has received the title of the World's Best Startup in 2014 by winning the 1st prize in the World Startup Competition held in Seoul, Korea, in November that year. Some of the latest recognitions include:

  • Recognized as a key global leader in the farm management software industry by several global market research companies (Markets&Markets, Technavio)
  • Selected among the Top 10 high-growth companies in the United Kingdom with the highest potential to create thousands of jobs, by Barclays and Unreasonable Group
  • The Most Innovative Company Award by Croatian Ministry of Entrepreneurship
  • Global agtech success story in EU Commission's case study report on agricultural technologies