Rovey Dairy | USA, Arizona

Brett Rovey

Rovey Dairy

"I found Agrivi while searching online for a farm management program. I sent a message acquiring information about the software and within minutes I had a response followed by a Skype demo. I tested the software over the next few days and decided to buy a subscription." ~ Brett Rovey

Brett Rovey is a 3rd generation farmer on Rovey dairy, a family farm based in Arizona. The farm locations are spread out between Palo Verde, Buckeye, and Glendale. The Glendale location is about 3 miles from the stadium where Arizona Cardinals play. The dairy farm was started by Brett's grandfather in 1943 and was later purchased by Brett's father Paul in 1978 who started steadily growing the business from 200 cows up to 2000 cows they have today.

Rovey dairy has started farming their ground in 2012, in order to ensure sufficient quantities of quality feed for their cows. They farm around 2000 acres of fields spread out across 50 miles and the entirety of their production goes into feeding the cows. The farms grow a wide range of row crops such as alfalfa, corn silage, sorghum silage, barley, sugar beets, bermudagrass, and rye.

Due to an extensive amount of activities being performed on the farms at any given time, there was an issue with keeping things organized, especially due to the widespread fields which are gathered across several locations. Brett has spent time searching for a suitable solution that would streamline the production and get a much clearer insight into production costs, tasks, and other operations across the farms.

"Before switching to Agrivi we used numerous amounts of excel documents and paper time sheets. This was a time-consuming process and we still lacked information we needed. Many of the tasks were not recorded timely and the output was missing valuable information.” ~ Brett Rovey

Having spreadsheets and written notes at multiple locations make it impossible to share the data in an efficient way, not to mention having no real-time insight into inventory, which is the key prerequisite for efficient usage of inputs across multiple farm locations. Furthermore, having a large number of fields puts an emphasis on being on top of costs per field and crop, in order to better plan the use of inputs for the seasons to come.

"We needed a program that was always available, easy to use and had the capabilities to track all cost applied to our farming operation. Some of the most important activities we track are water usage, machinery cost, and fertilizer." ~ Brett Rovey

When it comes to their business, Rovey dairy puts a heavy focus on cost-effectiveness, following up with an ever growing passion for improving their farm management practices. Their goal is to improve the product quantity and quality due to the fact that everything they produce on the fields eventually ends up as cow feed, affecting the quality of milk they distribute all over the US.