TerraOptima | Serbia

Sanja & Sandra


Terra Optima is a professional apple growing company that cultivates several varieties of apples on 24 hectares of land. The farm has its own irrigation system and the entire surface is covered with nets, protecting the apples from hail storms. The highest percentage of the surface is covered with Golden Delicious, Fuji, Superchief and Granny Smith apples.

Terra Optima invests a lot of effort in tracking everything from pruning, irrigation, fertigation, spraying, and other activities during the entire growing season. This stresses the importance of data import simplicity and easier data analysis. Terra Optima has previously relied on solutions not so greatly tailored towards agriculture, wasting a lot of time structuring data in spreadsheets and creating customized analytics and charts difficult to understand and share.

"We used a classic Microsoft Office data management approach in the beginning until we found out about Agrivi and quickly transferred to your farm management system. Agrivi offers a very simple and easy way of tracking work, finances, workforce and weather alarms connected to pest and disease occurrence." ~ TerraOptima

Terra Optima needed a solution which can be used not only to record and store data but also to make analyzing that data quicker and easier. What good are all the spreadsheets and notes when at the end of the day you still have to mine through them to make any sense of them, let alone create reports that make sense to your supervisors?Agrivi helped Terra Optima record relevant operations in a seamless fashion, while greatly reducing the need of sitting in front of the computer and wasting time analyzing data while there's work to be done at the farm.

"Agrivi gives us the ability of quickly and easily creating a weekly, monthly or yearly report about work on our plantation, finances, income projections, as well as the ability to quickly exchange production reports with our company’s managing directors..."~ TerraOptima

Terra Optima is currently working on expanding their farm with additional 10 hectares of land. Using Agrivi has helped streamline their operations and gave structure to their business from the management standpoint. A company that is growing rapidly needs partners who can provide cost-effective, value adding solutions that will help them overcome business challenges and support their growth.

"All in all, Agrivi saves time and it’s very easy to use in modern apple production such as ours."~ TerraOptima