Vita-Vi | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stipe Sakic


About Vita-Vi Visici

Vita-Vi is a dairy cow farm from a small town Visici, near Capljina in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a total of 36 employees. The farm consists of a 1000 livestock units and the farm's primary activity is cattle breeding, production of milk, meat, cheese products and cow fodder production.

Vita-Vi has started farming back in 2011, in order to ensure sufficient quantities of quality fodder for their cows that are growing in number every year. They farm around 370 ha of land and the entirety of their production goes into feeding the cows. The farm grows a wide range of crops including different clover and grass mixtures and grains (triticale, barley, wheat, corn).

As providing sufficient and quality fodder for their animals is extremely important to Vita-Vi farm, we are pleased and proud to say they have chosen us to help them achieve their goals.

"Combining modern technology with tradition is the foundation of every top quality product. A daily mission of everyone at Vita-Vi farm is to preserve and bring the old taste and smells to your table with the help of the most modern technological processes.“

We spoke with Stipe Sakic to learn more about how Agrivi has helped them improve their farm processes. Stipe is an experienced farm manager that has been with Vita-Vi for the last year and a half, and his job position includes machinery and employee management, warehouse organization and commodities supply.

With all the changes and technology advancements, he is well aware of the importance to follow agricultural trends and production best practices in order to achieve sustainable and long-term crop production.



Vita-Vi is one of those farms that has been experiencing a fast growth throughout the years, so they quickly realized they need to stay on top of new technologies in order to stay profitable and competitive on the market. To be able to support the growth, produce and sell the best meat and milk products, their main priority from the start has been to ensure that the production of quality fodder equals the demands of their animals.

Due to an extensive amount of activities being performed on the farm, there was a problem with having data about the condition of their crops easily recorded and transparent. Vita-Vi conducted their data input manually, in numerous Excel sheets and different paper documents. This was a time-consuming process and their data wasn't accessible in a quick and simple manner.

Therefore, Stipe wanted to find a suitable solution that would streamline their production and provide a clearer insight into production costs, tasks, and other operations across the farm, basically just keep things organized. He stumbled upon Agrivi while searching for a farm management system online.

“I contacted Agrivi's Support team and within minutes I had a response followed by a full demonstration of the entire system via Skype. I then signed up for a free trial and after a few days realized that this is something that could benefit our farm greatly.“



With the help of Agrivi system, Vita-Vi was able to streamline their farm processes and optimize their production. They were looking for a solution that would make their production process more simplified and organized, offer easy communication between team members, and allow to have every farm detail in one place.

Similar to other farms, their goal was to improve crop quantity and quality due to the fact that everything they produce on the fields eventually ends up as cow feed, ultimately affecting the quality of milk and meat products.

Agrivi has provided Vita-Vi a suitable solution that enables easy access to their data and complete crop management from seed to harvest. With just one click they can access data about their fields, see which was the most profitable crop or even keep track of employee work hours.

“Agrivi provides a complete production overview and based on that we can calculate are we profitable or not. I have to point out one thing that is especially useful for our farm—the possibility to set alarms for machinery whose registration is due or is malfunctioning. This helps us manage machinery usage more efficiently and allows us to stay up-to-date with all equipment documentation.“



Same as with all our users, our goal with Vita-Vi farm has always been to help them overcome their crop management challenges and achieve their production goals. By using data analytics, they were able to decrease waste and increase yield, ultimately creating a more smart, efficient, and profitable farm.

As explained by their farm manager Stipe, the main ways in which Agrivi has helped Vita-Vi’s farming processes include:

  • Saving time with administration tasks
  • Simplifying and streamlining the whole crop production process
  • Easier tracking of all production costs and farm expenses (including fuel and pesticides consumption)


“I can no longer imagine farming without the help of a digital solution like Agrivi. I believe every serious farm business needs to follow new trends in agriculture and strive towards self-improvement in order to stay competitive on the market. Traditional methods of data collection, including pen, paper, and spreadsheets, can be time-consuming and tiresome, so if you want to be efficient and profitable, having a system like this is mandatory.“